Room for Art – Encouraging creativity and innovative thinking in young minds

ROOM FOR ART is a New Zealand-based creative education provider that uses art as an inspiration and vehicle for learning.

We focus on the importance creative thinking plays and how learning is supported through creative engagement. ROOM FOR ART has been designing and facilitating creative learning experiences within Auckland since 2011.

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All our community projects and programmes, including PICASSO KIDZ and CLAY KIDZ, are structured to meet the needs of children and are relevant to current NZ curricula. They are being offered in collaboration with communities, early childhood providers or other organisations.

The importance of art

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To nourish children’s innate creative talents and encourage the ability to think divergently is vital for growing innovative thinkers. Being creative helps children make connections between different areas of learning and extends their understanding of the world. Art enables children to explore concepts and construct knowledge – it is a powerful tool to unleash and express their innate creativity, and that’s what we are passionate about!

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