With an extensive background in cultural and media education, programme design and facilitation, Grit develops content, hands-on-interactive lessons, activities and projects that spark learning and excitement. On a mission to integrate immersive experiences into the everyday lives of people, she supports individuals and groups to explore concepts, and facilitates learning in a fresh and unorthodox way.

She is the founder of Room for Art – a creative education service helping make connections between different areas of learning using art as a tool. This work combines her passion for creativity, education, technology, innovation and people.

Grit is intrigued by play as a teaching approach and how learning is encouraged through immersive engagement. Being a tactile-visual storyteller, she uses photography and ceramics to help make sense of the world.

For collaborative projects, freelance work + commissions:
Email: gritbeckernz@gmail.com, Mobile: +64 22 3474606 or get in touch

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